Thursday, 18 April 2019

Nailah & Tim - 28th & 30th March 2019 pt 1 - Mehndi party

What an amazingly brilliant few days I spent with Nailah, Tim, their family and friends. The evening of the 28th March was their Mendhi party - there were so many details involved respecting Nailah's heritage that I can't possibly do them all justice in a quick blog post. It was beautiful and very educational for me!

Many of the guests dressed in traditional clothes and Mendhi artists were available to apply henna patterns - what artistry!

Then there was the Pithi ceremony - where the fun really began. Guests were invited to make a donation to the couple and then cover them in eggs, ketchup and all kinds of mess.

 After the couple had the chance to clean up, the dancing lasted late into the evening.

What a brilliant evening and a great way to set up the wedding day itself - more to come in pt 2 :)

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