Thursday, 12 May 2016

The pricing debate

To be honest, I've always struggled with pricing my work. I see studios offering deals for £10 or £15 and I wonder if I'm charging too much. The thing is, no matter how much I choose to charge, there's always someone cheaper.

I work hard to make beautiful images, I spend time getting to know my clients and relaxing any nerves. Each session is different as I work with the clients and their individual needs and wants. If you hire me you're not just paying for the time I spend actually taking photos. I answer phone calls, texts, and e-mails, update my blog, website and Facebook page regularly and can spend hours editing a session's photos to my high standards. The money I make is needed for new equipment, training, insurance, transport, website and a myriad other things.

I could charge next to nothing but the truth is that I value my work and my time enough to charge what I believe to be a fair rate. The reviews on my Facebook page speak of people who are very pleased with my work, I'll let their words make my point.

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