Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Dave's 50th party - 3/11/18

When Dave's wife, Tracy, hired me to take photos at his 50th birthday party, she explained that the family had been through a tough year and really needed a celebration together.

The party had a Mardi Gras theme and was full of entertainment, there was a magician and a lounge singer who was leading everyone in a big sing-along!

There was lots of singing and dancing, everyone was having a brilliant time celebrating Dave's milestone birthday.

I regularly felt a tap on my shoulder as people grabbed the opportunity to have a photo with family and friends. There was such an atmosphere of joy and celebration!

Tracy had warned me that the final act was going to be a surprise and she wasn't wrong, the amazing drag Queen (I think her name was Lady B) really stole the show and got everyone dancing.

I left Dave and Tracy enjoying the chance to dance together.

Happy 50th, Dave!

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