Sunday, 25 November 2018

Michelle & family 24/11/18

Michelle was the winner of a gift voucher I donated to a school Summer Fete and she was really pleased to get a free session with me. We'd already had to reschedule our date once due to bad weather so we were relieved that it stayed dry for our time together at Coombe Hill. It was a very Autumnal scene and the leaves were beautiful, despite the overcast day.

Miss M was very confident in front of the camera and really enjoyed climbing trees while I snapped away.

She was also very good at finding good spots for photos, I think I need to hire her as a location scout (spot the costume change!)

It was a bit misty for the traditional shots on the monument and in front of the view but we tried our best.

We then enjoyed some quality photo-bombing (and a trip to the woodland playground) on our way back to the car park.

Big thanks to Michelle, Alex and Miss M for the fun, I hope you love your photos!

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